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Min. Deposit - Rs500 | Min. Withdrawal - Rs500 | Min. Refill - Rs 500   



99 Exch | 99 Exchange | 99Exch.Com - Online Betting Exchange

Experience the thrill of online betting like no other. 99Exch is here to refine the way you play online bets. Take full advantage of the user-friendly interface to bet on a wide variety of games with winnable odds and very high rewards. Don't forget you get a welcome bonus when you sign up with us, as well as a deposit bonus whenever you deposit your money to place online bets.

How to Create a 99ExchangeID? 

Getting your very own 99Exch ID from CricketSky11 is very easy. Here's how you can get started in a few minutes.    

  • Click on the WhatsApp link below. 

  • Connect with our representative and share your name, email address, birthdate, and password. Remember, we value your data, and privacy is of the utmost importance to us.  

  • You will receive a verification on your email that you provided to our representative. Verify by clicking on the link in the email.  

  • Congrats, your 99Exchange ID is now created. 

  • Now log into your account on 99Exchange.com, set your preferences, and click on 'deposit money' to start betting.  

  • With everything set, you can now explore different sports and games to bet and win huge amounts of money. 

  Why Choose 99 Exchange ID or Betting? 

There are various reasons as to why you should choose a 99Exchange ID. Here are those in detail: 

  • Safety and Security: First and foremost, the platform safeguards your data with highly encrypted security protocols that help you stay secure when you place your online bets and withdraw money. 

  • License and Regulation: It is a licensed and regulated online betting provider that complies with transparency, fair play, and ethical practices.  

  • User-friendly Interface: Nothing here is created to fool you or let you do what you don't understand. Everything is presented in a clear manner so that you can easily enjoy your online betting experience.  

  • Wide Variety of Games: The trusted platforms host thousands of online games for you to bet on. Rest assured, your entertainment and winnings won't be tied to one particular game.  

  • Winnable Odds: Odds at 99Exchange ID with CricketSky11 are set by you and are in control of you. This means you get the ability to maximize your profit quotient.  

  • Exciting Bonuses and Promotions: When you sign up or even become a trusted user of the platform, it will keep you happy with a number of rewards, prizes, and bonuses. 

  • Excellent Customer Support: The platform values the customers' experience and that's why it has a dedicated customer team that will help you out no matter the time or date. Queries around account management, betting rules, withdrawals, etc., are all solved on an immediate basis.  

  Types of Bets Available on 99 Exchange.com 

The platforms’ lakhs of customers have a wide range of preferences when it comes to online betting, and it is proud to fulfill each one of them.  

  • Back Bet: Refers to a specific outcome that you are betting on, and it will certainly happen again. You win if your selection is successful.  

  • Lay bet: Refers to a scenario you have better against. You win if the outcome does not occur. 

  • Accumulator Bet: Also known as a parlay bet, this bet involves multiple choices in a single bet. Players use parlay bets to increase their winnings, but they are only successful if all their choices come true.  

  • In-play Betting: Live Betting lets you place bets on ongoing or live matches. You bet on a real-time event and win based on a successful and calculated prediction.   

Create an Account and Start with One of these Bets.    

The Benefits of Using 99Exchange   

Unlock a host of advantages and benefits when you choose 99Exch as your preferred online betting platform.    

  • Better Odds: 99Exch has a better system than conventional bookmakers, which are designed to steal your money. They work against you. As a customer-friendly platform, it ensures that 99Exchange.com works in a balanced way, and the customers can happily bet on their favorite games.  

  • Flexibility: It also provides its customers with the liberty to be flexible with their bets. They have the privilege to set their own odds, request better odds from peers, and even trade their bets during events for maximum winning. 

  • Extensive Market Coverage: Everything you need will be with you, including casinos, cricket, football, tennis, and everything in between.  

  • Transparency & Honesty: The platform is known worldwide for its transparent methods and trust. It ensures a fair playing field for all users and let them withdraw their hard-earned money whenever they want to.  

Get Started with 99Exchange ID Today!    

CricketSky11 has made it very easy to create and join the world of 99Exchange. Contact us, create an ID, and win across the larger world of online sports betting. At the same time, we encourage each customer to read the terms and conditions properly, review the guidelines thoroughly, and play responsibly.   

Join us today for an exciting ride into online betting with Cricket Betting, Casino Betting, Football Betting, and much more.  


How we can help you?
  • Is it legal to bet on 99 Exchange?

  • Yes, it is absolutely legal to bet on 99Exch. However, it would help if you looked up betting regulations and jurisdictions in the area you stay in. Ensure your state and the area you live in is free from any clauses.  

  • How can I withdraw my winnings?

  • You can simply withdraw your winnings by going to 99Exchange.com, selecting 'withdraw,' and choosing a payment method.    

  • Is it possible to change my account details after registration?

  • Yes, you can change your account details on Exchange 99. Just go to the 'Account Settings' section.  

  • Are my data, information, and funds secure?

  • Yes, 99Exchange.com is a safe and secure site with highly encrypted security protocols in place. Rest assured, everything you do on this website is safe and secure.