Get access to advanced markets and unlimited betting options for cricket and a wide range of sports. With Cricket Sky 11, you can get instant Online Cricket IDs for Sky Exchange, exclusively offering a seamless and immersive betting experience. Join Cricket Sky 11 today and take your betting journey to new heights!

Min deposit ?500 | Min withdrawal ?500 | Min refill ?500



Get a Sky Exchange ID and Enter the Exciting World of Sports Betting. Where Every Bet Counts!

The sky is the limit with Sky Exchange ID when you are ready to unleash Your gaming Passion with our exclusive Sky Exchange interface. Our platform allows you to turn every bet into an opportunity! Sports betting is the combination of fun and possibilities with huge payouts, provided you play the game structurally and strategically. Sky Exchange is a betting heaven for both seasoned bettors and newcomers alike as it offers an incomparable online betting experience with its abundant gaming options, easy-to-use interface, excellent privacy arrangements, and last but not least, itís dedication towards user satisfaction making it one of the leading betting platform across India!

What is Sky Exchange and Sky Exchange Betting ID?

Cricket Sky 11’s Sky Exchange is an exclusive online betting platform where you experience the thrill and adventure of various games and sports without leaving the comforts of your home. It takes you on a joyous ride of excitement as you immerse yourself in to your favourite game or sport and earn great rewards with each win. At Sky Exchange, we get you access to a great range of sports markets, letting you choose from a huge platter of sports and games. This does not mean that you have to stop on traditional sports, rather Sky Exchange serves as your gateway to Sports and their markets including international games and e-sports, all just made available at your fingertips! A game is fun when played competitively and we make it real for you with our competitive gaming platform that keeps your fighting spirits kindled and energy levels spiked. 

With Cricket Sky 11, you do not have to stop only at Cricket (one of the most favored games in India) for sports betting, instead, you can try your hands at other national and international sports like horse racing, tennis, and soccer to keep up with the current betting trends. In all, Sky Exchange is a versatile betting platform that offers plenty of gaming and sporting options and betting features such as swapping wagers through betting exchanges with winning opportunities, and lets you experience the most exciting world of online sports betting without any hassle! 

Exchange Betting ID on the other hand is your tool to enter the realms of online sports and games betting on Exchange Sky. This betting ID acts as an access card to explore all the various betting options available on our platform. With the help of exchange betting ID, you can pick your sport, make informed decisions, and create scope for winning.

So why wait any more to fulfill your dreams? Sign up today to discover the amusing world of online betting!

Process for Sky Exchange Account Creation and Log-In:

The process of creating a Sky Exchange account is quite simple and can be completed in no time. Follow the below-given steps and get associated with us quickly.

Sign Up

Step 1: Visit our website’s home page and Click on the ‘Sky Exchange Account” button which is located in many places on the page.
Step 2: Once you click on the button, The site will connect you with our Sky Exchange team and a system-generated message will get you a new Sky Exchange ID.
Step 3: Once you receive the Sky Exchange ID, you need to request an Online Cricket ID. Once this is done and your account is activated, you are all set to access our betting platform.
Step 4: With your activated account you can proceed to choose your desired sport or a betting event and start playing to win.

Log In

Step 1: Visit Sky Exchange website and click on the ‘Log in’ button which can be easily located on our home page.
Step 2: After clicking the button, you will be directed to our login page. Fill in the details such as your username or email and password (click on “forgot password” for password reset in case you lose your password)
Step 3: With the correct login credentials, you can access your Sky Exchange account and move on to the profile settings and other features of the interface.

Important Aspects of Betting with Sky Exchange ID:

Extensive coverage: We have a wide collection of sports and games covering 40 different games and features eg. Game Play and Cricket ID online
Ease of Accessibility: Sky Exchange ID gets you a gaming and sporting platform that is easy to log in to and simple to navigate so that you can concentrate more on winning.
Sufficient Security: We give you a safe and secure gaming experience by keeping your personal and financial information safe with us.
24/7 Customer Support: Sky Exchange ID gives you access to our highly experienced customer support team and ensures that you get assistance and guidance whenever is required
Additional Benefits: By associating with our betting interface, you become eligible for bonuses, free spins and free bets depending on your skilled gaming.

Sports and Game Events Available for betting:

We have an extensive range of sports and games available with us which you can bet on using our Sky Exchange ID.


Cricket: You can bet on prominent cricket events through us, such as IPL League, Test Cricket, ODIs, Women’s Cricket, and many other cricket matches and tournaments.
Horse Racing: Sky Exchange offers another sports betting opportunity in the form of Horse Racing, a much loved age-old sport. You get to bet on some distinctive horse racing events such as the Derby, Grand Nationals, and much more.
Other International Sports: Other than cricket, you can bet on some major international sports events such as FIFA, Olympics Soccer, Indian Super League, EUFA Champions League, Melbourne Open, Australia Open, US Open, Wimbledon, Sidney Tennis Classic, Adelaide International, etc in live form.


Card Games and Live Casino: With Sky Exchange, you can get a chance to try your luck in popular games like Teen Patti, Poker or you can choose other games from the options such as 20-20 Poker, 20-20 Dragon Tiger, Casino War, Queen, Lucky 7 and so on.
Live Roulette: Have fun and thrill with a game of live roulette, one of the popular games for seasoned game bettors. 
With our extensive collection of games and sports, you can get your hands on your favorite sport or game to play and win exponentially.
To start earning from your favorite sport, get registered with us and start your fun-filled thrilling betting journey.


How we can help you?
  • What is Sky Exchange?

  • It is a platform for betting on sports and casino games. It offers a variety of betting options and services.

  • Is Sky Exchange ID free?

  • The cost of Sky Exchange ID may vary, and it’s advisable to check with the platform.

  • Is Sky Exchange safe for use in betting and casino games?

  • Yes, it provides a secure and reliable platform for betting. Sky Exchange prioritizes safety and responsible gaming practices.
  • Can I bet on Sky Exchange without creating an account?

  • No, typically online betting platforms like Sky Exchange require users to create an account to place bets and access their services.
  • How do I deposit money and wager with my Sky Exchange account?

  •  After logging in to your Sky Exchange account, navigate to the ‘Deposit’ page. Click on the ‘deposit’ option to start the process. A pop-up window or a section on the page will prompt you to enter the required details and coins you want to deposit. Click on the submit button and your deposit process is completed. You can start betting on your preferred betting options from then on. 

  • How to withdraw money after betting on Sky Exchange?

  • Withdrawal of money on the Sky Exchange is quick and quite an easy process. To withdraw your won amount, log in to your Sky Exchange account or locate a cashier or a withdrawal page on our website. Once on the withdrawal page, you can choose your preferred withdrawal option which may include e-wallet, bank transfer, or others. After selecting your option, you can specify the desired withdrawal amount to be drawn from your account. Post confirming the required details, Click on the ‘withdrawal’ or ‘submit’ button and your payment withdrawal will be initiated. Usually, your payments get processed in 24 hours, It may still depend upon our interface’s terms and policies.