Want to experience the opulence and thrill of online betting like a king? Then come to Rajabets, the regal entity of the online sports betting world, where bettors get to experience the luxury of our premium sports betting options and royal services which make you feel like you have entered into the heavenly realms of the online betting world. But we do not differentiate between novice bettors and seasoned betting players in distributing the betting wealth, rather our betting platform is open for membership to all! With such a royal platform, comes the equally royal provision of safety and security! Yes, you can bet worry-free from our platform as our specially designed data integration system takes care of any external intrusion and safeguards your personal and financial data against all kinds of threats.

So get ready to feel the glitter and shimmer of online betting like a lord and join us today by entering into the  Raja Bet’s enchanting betting empire!

Welcome to Raja Bet and get your 100% sign-up bonus as a token of our appreciation for you! 

So let's begin by getting deeper and understanding what is Rajabets.




Rajabet: The True King of the Online Sports Betting Empire, Where Wagering is Everything!

Rajabets is a brand-new online sports betting platform, which has created quite a stir among its competitors in just a short amount of time. All thanks to its superior betting options and services plus its customer-centric approach. This platform is one of those few ones, where you can bet on a huge selection of sports and games every single day. Rajabets is a highly intuitive and innovative interface that makes it easier to place bets on various sports and games. Itís a very interactive platform as well, where users can choose their own odds or bet against available odds making every bet as interesting and thrilling as one can expect it to be. We also provide a mobile app for Android users which you can download for free from our website. This app gives you the convenience and comfort of accessing our website from anywhere in the world. But the most noteworthy aspect of our interface is its huge online betting community. This community is made up of numerous like-minded bettors including newcomers and seasoned bettors who engage in intense betting discussions and share their wealth of betting knowledge with each other Yes, this community is just getting big, day by day!†

Rajabet App: An Overview

The Rajabets app possesses the same features as they are in the Rajabet website, which is meant for desktop applications. Rajabet app can be easily downloaded from the app store or in the case of Google, from the Play Store. This app is quite compatible with the Android system and runs smoothly over it without any glitches. This app is quite useful for those people who want to place bets even while they are traveling. The user interface of this app is very user-friendly and completes any betting process in just a few minutes with some quick and easy steps. 

Now that you have understood the Raja bet platform and the related app, let's move on to understanding the registration process in detail. 

The Signup or Registration and Login for Rajabets:

1. Open our website - Rajabets.com by searching it in the search bar by using our link or in the mobile app.
2. Locate the registration button, click on it, and fill in the necessary information
3. Enter some personal information such as your desired name and password (which should be strong enough), phone number, and email address. And with some more personal details, you can click on the submit button. 
4. By agreeing to the terms and conditions and submitting your information, you can successfully create your Rajabets account.

The login process:

  • To log in, you need to visit rajabets.com and locate the login icon on our page.
  • Click on the login button and a separate page or box will appear.
  • Put your Username/ email ID and password to get access to the account 

All set to put your first bet on Raja bet? Let's get started: 
To start placing bets on our website, follow the below-given procedure

  • Go to the rajabets.com and log in to your account.
  • Once logged in, locate the sports events option and click on it to reveal all the sports and games betting events available with Raja Bet.
  • First, you need to select a desired sport or game like cricket, soccer, table tennis, etc to wager on, and once done,  you can now select the event you want to put your bet on.
  • Now Enter the desired stake amount and click upon 'Place bet' after choosing the circumstances for the wager you want to place in.
  • With the above step done, you have successfully placed a bet through our platform. 

Availability of Sports, Games, and Other Options on Raja Bet:

Cricket:  Rajabets is a grounded betting platform in India and a favorite of Indians too as it offers a wide range of cricket betting options. You can use our live betting service of cricket for wagering on a variety of events, including the Indian Premier League (IPL), various tournaments, championships, and local competitions. 

Other Available Sports: Apart from Cricket, Rajabet offers a big selection of other sports betting options. The following are some of the most popular sports other than cricket that we offer at Raja Bet Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Football, etc.

Available Betting Options: Rajabets offers several online betting options and related features that help you bring out your true inner bettor through live sports betting and Rajabets casino which gives you a mesmerizing experience. Our sports betting options include a variety of wagers and other features, such as IPL Betting, Live Streaming, Online Casino Games, Esports Betting, Live Casino, Pre-Match Betting,  Live Cricket Betting etc.

Now you might ask, what are the types of bets available on Rajabets? So let’s answer it below 

Raja Bet’s Types of Bets:

With Rajabats, it is quite possible to place bets on your favorite sporting or gaming event using various bet types. Out of all, the five major types are the ones that are preferred the most. Which are, single bets: These are the ones that result in single betting payment
Combination bets: which have the set combinations of individual event outcomes. Failing in any outcome from a combination can result in the loss of that complete combination.

System bets: are the sets of combinations that result in the same stake with the same amount of outcomes. 

Trixie bets: The 'Trixie' is a type of combination that contains outcomes in the form of one triple or three doubles from three different matches.

Patent bets. A 'Patent' combines one triple, three doubles, and three singles from three different matches. 

Post bets, Let's move on to understand Rajabet’s bonus structure:

Bonus is an undeniably interesting feature of the Rajabet platform. You can enjoy a huge platter of different bonuses, except you fulfill all the wagering requirements of our interface before you get on to withdraw even the welcome bonus from your Rajabet account.  Once you fulfill all the requirements, the bonus preferably gets credited to your account. We have various types of bonuses such as games sports, e-sports bonuses, and casino bonuses which you can avail of depending upon your choice of game or sports and the fulfillment of all the necessities to get it into your account. 

The Process to Claim Your Welcome Bonus is as follows:

Log in to your Raja bet account using your ID and password and if you have not created it yet, then you can create one following a simple procedure either from the desktop or using our mobile app.
Once you are logged in, go to the tab where various bonus options are located, which is on the main page.
Now Choose the bonus you want to redeem from the list of bonuses available on the site. Next, click on the activate button to acquire it.
Before the bonus gets processed, you need to deposit the desired amount for your first wagering into your Rajabets account and complete the transaction.
You are all set to withdraw your bonus money applicable to you provided you meet the wagering conditions mentioned in the offer's Terms & Conditions.
With conditions fulfilled, you get your welcome bonus into your account! 

So this way, a payment acts as fuel to set your online betting activity into motion and earn us additional benefits. So let's understand the payment options and the deposit and withdrawal process on our interface in detail. 

The Payment Options, Deposit, and Withdrawal Process on Rajabet:

Payment Options: 

For the convenience of our users we have kept availability of various payment options on our site which are  Visa, UPI, Net Banking, PhonePe, GPay, RuPay, AstroPay, Mastercard, PayTm and many more such options are available on our site.

Deposit :

To deposit money into your account, first, you need to log in through our rajabets.com website or our exclusive app.
Now you have to locate the deposit button and click on it.
Next, you have to Select your desired deposit method from the drop-down menu. Once done, you have to enter the desired amount you want to deposit and then click on the deposit button;
And that’s it. You are done and good to go!!  


The withdrawal process is equally simple. For starter, just visit our  rajabets.com website or download our Rajabets app, and log into your account;
Next, you can locate the withdrawal button present on our website. 
Now select the withdrawal method you want to use from the given list of withdrawal options, and put the amount you wish to withdraw, thereby clicking the withdrawal button. And You've successfully withdrawn funds from your account! 

Benefits of Associating with Rajabets 


  • A User-friendly  online sports betting interface
  • Generates betting ID in just a few minutes 
  • Easy to follow the registration process.
  • Offers a decent amount of sign-up bonus.
  • Plenty of sports betting options are available
  • 100% secure cricket and other sports betting Platforms
  • Availability of 24*7 online Customer Support 
  • Faster Withdrawal processes
  • The bonus begins from the first deposit itself
  • Timely delivery of services


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