Diamond Exchange offers a comprehensive selection of betting options, including cricket, football, horse racing, table tennis, and casino games. Renowned as one of India's leading exchange websites, Diamond Exchange provides a trusted platform for betting enthusiasts. Obtain your online cricket ID with Cricket Sky 11 and start playing today for the opportunity to win daily rewards!

Min deposit ?500 | Min withdrawal ?500 | Min refill ?500



Diamond Exchange: The Glittering World of Sports Betting, Where Winners Dazzle like Diamonds!

Cricket Sky 11 Diamond Exchange is the most sparking gem of the online betting world. It is an online sports and games betting platform where even a novice bettor can shine like brilliantly cut diamonds with perseverance, betting skills, and a bit of luck, as this betting interface gives equal opportunities for betting and winning to both newcomers and established players alike. And for seasoned players, this place is nothing less than a diamond mine where they just have to play, bet, and win. Diamond Exchange has many gems in its treasure trove to bet upon which includes cricket, football, horse racing, Teen Patti, Casino, and much more. With this copious amount of options to choose from and a user-friendly interface to operate on, bettors can try their luck with several games and sports and earn big fortunes for themselves. As an established betting platform in the industry, the Diamond Exchange platform boosts itself for its fair bets, transparent dealings, and highly integrated services. Now the question is how you get through us. Well, the answer is quite simple. You just need to get our Diamond Exchange ID to make yourself able to use our services and betting options available on our platform. So just get ready to strike diamonds not just gold and win big, only with Diamond Exchange and Diamond Exchange ID.

What is a Diamond Exchange ID and how do I get it?

Diamond Exchange ID or Diamond ID
The Diamond Exchange ID or Diamond ID is the master key to open all the doors of
 our sports and games betting options including related services that enhance your overall betting experience on our platform. This ID serves as a tool for tracking your user activity, managing transactions and much more which gives you a personalized experience.

Process for getting Diamond ID

To get this precious ID, you just need to follow an easy procedure and you will be able to kick-start your dream betting journey on Diamond Exchange.

As a first step, reach out to us through WhatsApp, live chat or email to start the registration process.
As a next step, fill in some personal details and deposit Rs.500/- to initiate the registration.

Once you are done with the payment, you will receive an instant Diamondexch ID with a password through WhatsApp.

You can use these credentials to log in to your Diamond Exchange Account and start placing bets on your favorite sports or games through our platform.

To withdraw money is equally simple. You just need to communicate with our customer support team through WhatsApp and you can collect your winnings from our platform.

 You can deposit more to bet more by getting in touch with us.

Features  and  benefits of Diamond Exchange ID:

Features of Diamondexch ID

Unique individual identification number
Prompt account management by maintaining deposit, withdrawal, and history 
Secure and safe authentication for user account protection
Multiple betting choices
Option for live wagers on current events
Lots of promotions, prizes, and bonuses for additional benefits

Benefits of Diamond Exchange ID or Diamondexch ID

Highly secure transactions: With Diamond Exchange ID, we facilitate safe and secure transactions through our platform, which ensures that your personal and financial data is secure through our highly sophisticated data management.

Seamless registration process: The registration process on our Diamond Exchange is quite simple and easy to follow, which aids in faster user registration and easy navigation.

Plenty of betting options: The Diamond Exchange ID offers you a multitude of sports and games betting options to try and win.

Competitive odds: Our platform makes betting interesting and winning fun through highly competitive odds to test your skills.

Helpful support system: Our Customer support team is available to assist you on a clock, 24*7 basis, resolving your betting-related questions and queries in a fast and efficient manner.

Diverse payment choices: For convenience and safety, Diamond Exchange ID gets you different payment options such as Credit cards, debit cards, net banking, UPI, e-wallets, and much more.

Few tips for getting the most from your betting journey on the Diamond Exchange platform:

Start with small amounts: As a newcomer, if you are just getting started with betting and thus it's always a smart idea to start with small amounts and increase it as you gain more experience and become comfortable with betting. Practicing this restraint in betting from the beginning helps you avoid overspending. Making and sticking to a strict budget also serves the same purpose.

Responsible betting: Betting can become an addiction if not managed properly. Chasing losses or unsatisfactory winnings is not a wise idea as it may lead to more losses and financial issues. Keeping a cool and level-headed attitude in betting is always advisable.

Enjoy your play: Sports and games betting is meant for experiencing the thrill and enjoyment that it brings along. At Diamond Exchange, we make sure that you thoroughly enjoy your time spent on our platform and your resulting satisfaction is what keeps us on our toes to make our platform an even more exciting and thrilling place for our users.


How we can help you?
  • Is it legally safe to bet on the Diamond Exchange platform?

  • Yes. Our platform sternly follows all the rules and regulations that are imposed by the related authorities in place. This compliance makes our platform one of the safest and most secure betting platforms to get associated with.

  • What is the age limit for getting a Diamond ID?

  • The age limit for getting your Diamond ID usually depends upon the respective jurisdictions of the place you belong to.At certain times though, we may ask for age verification documents during the registration process to confirm that your age fits the respective criteria for age at Diamond Exchange.

  • What should I do in case I lose my Diamond Exchange ID?

  • Although the Diamond Exchange ID is very crucial to keep accessing your Diamond Exchange account, don’t panic. You can contact our customer support team who will assist you in recovering your ID.